At some point this winter, around Christmas I think, I realized that I don’t pull out the “big” camera for my own kids very often.  I decided that at least once this winter, I’d do a full photo shoot for them, but with no pressure–my kids, just like everyone else’s, hate to be told to sit still and smile.  Then I get frustrated, and they get more frustrated, and suddenly it’s not fun anymore.  And that’s something I really try to achieve with my photography for my clients–fun!  I want families to look forward to our session, not “get it over with”.  So anyway, one day, in March (I was really pushing my “winter” deadline!), I set up the tripod, put my kids in their jammies, grabbed a few favorite books, and let the fun begin!

I’d had a vision ever since I determined to do this photo session for them.  Most importantly, I wanted to be in the photos with them.  I found that even when I did pull out the camera and take photos, it was just of my kids.  I want them to have memories, and photographs, of Mommy playing with them, not just pointing the camera at them. (For the record, I did try to get in on some of the jumping pictures, but unfortunately, my fabulous new camera has one drawback–it doesn’t have remote control shutter release.  And after umpteen attempts of setting the timer, trying to keep my son from following me off the bed, running back into the frame and begin jumping before the shutter clicked–and failing–I gave up!)

I am happy to say, though, that this session turned out exactly as I envisioned, and I’m so glad my children will have these to look back on someday.


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