Olivia is that Dream Senior when it came to her session–she was full of ideas and knew exactly what she wanted when we finally got down to planning the details! Not to mention she has an eye for fashion and had the BEST outfits! 🙂 (She is a future fashion merchandising major and blogs about fashion over at A Drop in the Ocean).

With two unusual locations in mind, we ended up with the most creative session I’ve shot, and had a blast doing it–for starters, we both set off in a paddle boat across a lake (there may have been several off-balance moments to get a shot that could have landed me–and my camera!–in the lake, but thankfully we got back to the dock dry!) 🙂  Then we finished the evening off as the sun was going down at the Eureka Days carnival.  It was fun finding unique sources of light (as you know if you follow my blog at all that I am a lover of sunrise, sunset and backlight, so this was new for me!), and Olivia ended the session with a red balloon and a Ferris wheel ride with her sweet mom.

Here are some highlights from her fabulous senior session!

olivia b board 4olivia-5 light leak

olivia b board 5olivia-12olivia-19olivia-17olivia b board 2olivia b board 3olivia b board 1olivia-35