One of my last sessions before I moved from St. Louis to Houston was a spur-of-the-moment session with the lovely Ashley.  I was itching to shoot a roll of film, and while I enjoy spending thoughtful time planning a session, it was equally fun to just head out and shoot! The only things I told Ashley to bring were a fun hat and a book.

We headed to a train station to take advantage of the beautiful light inside, and then hopped over to the Christmas tree lot that was set up nearby.  I’m still getting used to shooting film, and after every. single. shot (I’m not kidding), I glanced down at my LCD screen…that wasn’t there… It’s a hard habit to break! 😉  Ashley is a fantastic model and was so fun to work with.  I also shot her senior photos later in April and they are stunning! (I’ll post them soon–as you can tell, I’m way behind on blogging…)

I was thrilled with the scans when they came back!  I, like everyone my age, grew up shooting film (digital came about when I was in college), but I was not a “real” photographer then!  But still, there is something magical about returning to the “wait”…and it was every little bit worth it.  Film makes you slow down and think about the shot–the light, the composition, the expression–and wait for it. With digital, I shoot more liberally, and why not?  It’s good knowing I’m more likely to get “the shot”.  But I do believe shooting film along with digital is making me a better photographer all around.

Here are my favorites from the session!

(Shot on Kodak Tri-X 400)