Last month I took two incredibly talented ballerinas from the Robert Underwood Studio of Dance out on a shoot in Hermann Park.  Ever since I shot the studio’s portraits, I have been itching to do a dance session on location.  These two sweet sisters made me very happy by agreeing to be my models. 🙂

Upon arriving in the park, I promptly locked my keys (and camera bag) in my car.  45 minutes away from my home and my husband and spare keys.  Yeah.  While that part was no fun, once a locksmith came and got my keys out, we finally got started, quite a bit later than I had planned, but thankfully we met up early enough that we still had plenty of light.  And something really great came out of that unfortunate part of the evening, and that was that by the time we were wrapping up, it was basically dark.  And there was this incredible fountain surrounded by columns that I had wanted to end the shoot at–and guess what?  The fountain was lit up at night, making for some incredibly beautiful photographs that I would have not otherwise taken if we had ended at sunset.  Lemonade out of lemons, right? 🙂

So here are my favorites.  I loved doing this session and would love to work more with dancers in the future!  Enjoy!

mia evelyn-6

mia evelyn-5

mia evelyn-3

mia evelyn-9

mia evelyn-10

mia evelyn-17

mia evelyn-12

mia evelyn-30

mia evelyn-31

mia evelyn-33

mia evelyn-21

mia evelyn-24

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mia evelyn-36

mia evelyn-38

mia evelyn-39

mia evelyn-41

board 1

mia evelyn-43 web

mia evelyn-48



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