What is Documentary Family Photography?

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It is at its core, real life, photographed beautifully.  I strive to show an honest and authentic picture of your family.  Life changes so quickly, especially when you have little ones, and it is important to document these phases of your family’s life before it will never be that way again!

A Day in the Life session is completely different from a traditional portrait session. It is unscripted, organic and not staged in any way—it’s just your real life, captured in photographs.  You may be surprised how many little moments you share with your family during your daily life routine (I’ll show you, it’s a lot!).  I do not make moments happen—I look for them, wait for them, and capture them as they unfold.

You know those little things in your life where you say you never want to forget that moment?  Those moments happen every day, and the truth is, we miss so many of them.  My job as a photographer is to capture those in-between moments of your daily life so you will have them to look back on forever.

A Day in the Life session is a way to transport back in time to that exact moment, and remember what your life was like then—the way it felt to hold your sleeping newborn baby, the way your child would twirl her hair when she read a book, the way your son would mirror exactly what his dad did because he wanted to be just like him.

It is a way to preserve your children’s childhood memories of growing up in your home, in your family, and save it for them—and for their children—when they are grown.  I am absolutely mesmerized by old photos of my family members—but it’s not the wedding or graduation photos that I love, it’s the one of my dad riding his shiny new red bike when he was six, or the one of my grandpa holding me up in the air as a toddler and smiling the biggest smile at me.  Give those kinds of images to your own children, ones full of emotion and fun and connections and most importantly, love.

It’s more of an experience than a photo session!  And it’s my hope that it’s an experience you will want to have every year, to capture those little things (and big things, too—baby number 4? New house?) that change from year to year.  I hope that one day you will have a shelf lined with your Day in the Life storybooks—the story of your family.

I strive to capture your family’s love and relationships with honesty, creativity, and humor (because let’s be honest, life can be pretty funny!).  I look for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

I also want to show you through these sessions just how hard you work and how much you are loved.  Being a parent is hard work but so worth it!


Sessions Offered

Day in the Life –starting at $575

All Day In the Life sessions include a beautiful custom storybook of your day with approximately 75-150 images in the book (depending on the length of session), and a digital download of edited web-sized images for online sharing and printing up to 4×6.  Full-resolution digital images, fine art prints and additional storybooks may be added, please contact me for a full price list.

Half Day:

Approximately 4-5 hours.  This gives us a glimpse into your story.  Morning, afternoon or evening, I’ll document moments that are special to you, whether that’s Saturday morning pancakes, an afternoon outside in the pool, or stories under the covers at bedtime.

Full Day:

Approximately 12-14 hours.  This is the best option for truly documenting all of what your life looks like right now.  From the time you wake up until you call it a night, I’m there, documenting your life.  Whatever you want to do that day—your normal routine at home, going somewhere fun, running errands–I’m there.

1 Hour Session – $275

Families, Newborns, Maternity — On-location or at your home (hospital sessions for newborns are available—newborn session length is more flexible to allow time for feedings etc.).  Includes a digital download of approximately 30-40 edited web-sized images for online sharing and printing up to 4×6.  You have the option to add full-resolution images, storybooks and fine art matted prints; please contact me for a full price list.


Additional items offered:

Photo storybooks

Fine art prints

Full-resolution digital images