Senior Photo FAQs:

How long is a senior session?  Can I choose the location?

Sessions generally last about 1 to 2 hours–I’m an on-location photographer, so we can go wherever you want (I have a bunch of suggestions if you’re stuck, though).  If you want a couple locations, that’s fine as long as they’re less than a 10-minute drive apart.


Can I bring multiple outfit changes?  

Yes, as many as we can squeeze in!


What if I’m not sure what to wear?

I have a bunch of suggestions for choosing clothing and accessories (I’ll send that with your info packet when you schedule your session), and if you’re still unsure, bring everything!  We can go through your wardrobe and accessories together at the start of your session, or you can email me some pictures beforehand.


Can I bring someone along to help me feel more relaxed?

Of course! Bring your mom, best friend, sister, boyfriend/girlfriend–we can even grab a shot of you together!


Do I need to bring props?

No, but I definitely encourage it if you have any items that are special to you or a part of who you are–musical instruments, your car, athletic uniforms and equipment, poms, pets, books, balloons, whatever you can think of!  But of course, we can definitely do a session without any props and still get amazing shots.


Drop me a line if you have any other questions; I’d be happy to answer them!