Holy wow, Olivia!  I can’t say enough good things about your session!  You are gorgeous and this session was amazing!  Olivia originally wanted a fall session and we weren’t able to get it scheduled before it got too cold, but I am SO glad she waited until spring, because look at those amazing flowers!  I mean, they were growing everywhere.  And we weren’t even sure the daffodils would have bloomed hereat the time we scheduled the session, because this spring was so cold.  But there they were and it was perfect!

Have I mentioned how much I love my seniors?? 🙂  Olivia, I hope you absolutely love your senior photos, and congratulations on graduating high school!

Okay, so this image was just fun.  It wasn’t stormy that day. 🙂  I was playing around with some new cloud overlays that I purchased from Jessica Drossin Textures, and I LOVED the results!  I don’t usually do such heavy processing with my images, but it was fun for a change!

Can I just say, this is my new favorite image–that I have ever taken!!  I love everything about it; the angle, her smile, the flowers, and that her dress coordinates with the flowers!, and her eyes, wow, they totally pop!