I was super-excited for Will’s senior session!  We’ve been planning it for a while, and he and his mom came up with so many great ideas; I love it when seniors have things that are special to them that they want to show off in their senior photos.  Will has a lot of really neat interests, and it was so fun to capture some of them for him.  We started out at the coolest place I’ve ever taken photos–at the clay pit at a shooting range.  I love how they turned out!  And then it was on to mountain biking, with a few shots in the creek at the park, which was very sentimental for mom–she showed me an old photo album with pictures of Will as a four-year-old, playing in that same creek.

I’ll admit, this session was a little sentimental for me, too–my husband is a youth minister, and Will was a sixth grader just entering the youth group when my husband started with this job.  So to have seen him all the way through the youth group, all grown up, well *tear*, it made me realize how long we’ve been a part of these graduating seniors’ lives.  We’ve sure enjoyed it; and we’ve definitely grown with them!

Will, congratulations on graduating and I hope you love your senior photos! 🙂